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Pyjamas so soft, kids will want to go to bed

Why buy kids quality sleepwear? At Lilala KIDS, we believe that because pyjamas are likely to be the most worn item of clothing in any child’s wardrobe (roughly 10 hours a day, 7 days a week = 70 hours per week), an investment in a high quality, healthier non-toxic garment is of highest importance. Lilala KIDS' pyjamas are made to last and likely to see through child one, two or more in excellent condition.


Chemical Free, Organic Kids Pyjamas

We know how important it is to provide your children with comfortable clothing, which is why cotton pyjamas have become so popular among parents. The problem with mass-produced garments is that, in order to keep costs down, the cotton plant is sprayed with poisonous pesticides and then the cotton flower ripped from the plant with heavy duty machinery. This machine harvesting damages the delicate cotton, compromising its quality, while the chemical treatments mass-farmed cotton receives through bleaching and colouring can lead to skin irritation. If your child has sensitive skin, eczema or other conditions, your kids clothing could be making the problem worse.

At Lilala KIDS, we have put together bespoke, lovingly-created children's sleepwear that is both high in quality and safe for your children's skin. Our secret is the Peruvian pima cotton, one of nature's rare gifts that provides the purest, most comfortable cotton for clothing. Our cotton is hand-picked, preserving both its quality and the 4000 year tradition of the Peruvian villages. This makes our garments super soft, incredibly comfortable, long-lasting and, most importantly, safe for our children's delicate skin. We are that confident, that you can shop our pyjamas for girls and pyjamas for boys knowing we offer a full money back satisfaction guarantee.

We'd love to be able to help you give your little ones a better night's sleep.